The act of gathering with loved ones to select and ceremoniously fuse these wearable symbols of unity is something unique and bonding. Wearing these bracelets are a daily reminder to foster self love and keep your beloved people close by and connected wherever your journey takes you.


We believe our relationships are at the core of who we are and guide us as we navigate through our daily lives. At KEKE we seek to honor and celebrate these bonds and connect our beloved people through beauty and ceremonial gathering. By setting aside intentional time, in an intentional space there is an opportunity to celebrate new beginnings, deep roots, important milestones, or honor your powerful self with a beautiful piece of jewelry that reflects your personal style.


Though our jewelry looks delicate and understated, it is easy to care for and holds up through daily use without worries. It truly is the perfect no fuss (claspless) daily accessory that can be layered and stacked.